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Miami Beach Mold Inspections & Testing

For over 20 years, Florida Inspections Unlimited has provided commercial and residential property owners in Miami Beach and the surrounding areas with affordable and reliable inspection services.  As a team of competent, highly qualified, and licensed property inspectors, we also provide environmental inspection and testing solutions for business owners and homeowners as well as insurance companies, property investors, and realtors throughout south Florida.

What do Our Environmental Inspection Services Include?

As property inspection specialists, our job is to alert commercial and residential property owners about potential environmental hazards and other related problems in your current or prospective business or home.  Whether you’re a homeowner or you own and operate a Miami Beach area business, we provide these environmental inspection and testing services at very competitive rates:

  • allergen testing services
  • bed bug inspection services
  • defective Chinese drywall inspection services in Miami Beach
  • formaldehyde test inspection services
  • indoor air quality testing services
  • lead based paint testing services
  • mold inspection and mold testing services in Miami Beach
  • radon gas inspection services in Miami Beach
  • VOCs or Volatile Organic Compound test inspection services
  • water testing services

In addition to our environmental inspection and testing services, we also provide the following along with our professional commercial and residential property inspections:

  • 40-year building recertification services
  • 4-point inspection services
  • roof inspection services
  • wind mitigation inspection services

When it comes to business or home, you might say that Florida Inspections Unlimited is your one-stop-shop for all things property inspections and testing.

How do Commercial and Residential Property Inspection Services Differ?

Although you may be thinking that one inspection is the same as the next, nothing could be further from the truth when comparing inspections of commercial and residential properties.  When it comes to property inspections, some companies only specialize in commercial services while others only specialize in the residential side of things.  We specialize in both.  So how do they differ from one another? There are 4 ways:

Difference #1:  Cost and time – naturally, larger buildings with a higher price tag will command higher inspection fees.  Because commercial inspections have more complicated issues than residential inspections, you do get what you pay for.

Difference #2:  Liability risk – commercial inspectors assume significantly more risk and expose themselves to greater challenges than residential inspectors.  Since commercial structures are larger, there is much more to inspect.  Plus, commercial inspectors have to deal with more demanding clients and face tighter deadlines.

Difference #3:  Standards of practice – commercial and home inspectors adhere to different industry standards of practice.  While residential inspectors abide by their industry standards, commercial inspectors refer to the “Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments:  Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process” or the ASTM E2018-15.

Difference #4:  Variety of structures – whether commercial or residential, no two property inspections are alike.  While residential property inspections typically focus on single-family homes, commercial property inspections encompass a variety of structures including:

  • apartment buildings
  • auto dealerships
  • factories
  • grocery stores
  • office buildings
  • restaurants
  • retail stores
  • shopping malls
  • warehouses

If you are considering the purchase of a commercial or residential property, it would behoove you to have the property inspected by Florida Inspections Unlimited. Even though it might look like a good investment but it becomes important to check every aspect of the house or building to ensure that it is worth your investment.

To learn more about how we can help, call us today at 305-910-1171 or 954-861-0666. Our business representatives can answer your questions and walk you through the various processes. Call us now.


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