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Up until recently, commercial and residential property buyers had no options for learning about the environmental risks of their community.  Fortunately, the specialists at Florida Inspections Unlimited can determine those risks and inform you of them should there be a concern for the safety of your employees or family.  How do you put a price on knowing that they are safe from any known environmental dangers or hazards? With an inspection report that assesses and documents these risks, you can learn more about the dangers of Chinese drywall, mold, and radon gas.

The Advantages of Hiring a Professional Home Inspector

A home inspection is one of the most essential components of the home buying process as it provides the buyer with an in-depth look at a commercial or residential property’s structural integrity.  Having a professional home inspection is all about protecting your investment, safety, and saving money in the long run:

  • Protecting your investment – a professional home inspection is the best way to determine if you’re making a good investment or that you should walk away from a bad one.
  • Safety – one of the most important reasons for having a commercial or residential property inspected is to ensure its security and the safety of those who’ll be occupying it for many years.
  • Saving money – although a home inspection will cost you initially, it could save you a fortune in repair bills in the future. While some repairs may be the only minor, others could be huge.  In any event, catching these issues before buying that property is going to save you money.

Although scheduling a home inspection is important, it’s just as important to ensure that you’re hiring a certified, experienced professional for the job.

About Our Environmental Inspection and Testing Services

Florida Inspections Unlimited specializes in a wide range of home and environmental inspection and testing services including:

Chinese drywall inspection services in Hollywood– we start with a visual inspection then proceed to collect samples for testing in a lab if necessary.  If your home was remodeled, renovated, or underwent repairs from 2001-2009, this toxic material may be in your home.

Mold inspection / mold testing services in Hollywood– a mold inspection is more about detecting evidence of water intrusion.  We determine the cause of the problem and recommend ways to prevent moisture from getting into your home.

Radon inspection services in Hollywood– whether you’re building a new home, buying a home, or selling your current home, The EPA recommends having it inspected and tested for the presence of radon, a gas that results from the breakdown of uranium in the soil on the property.  Every time you breathe, you inhale these radioactive particles, thereby putting you at risk of developing lung cancer after prolonged exposure.

Water testing services in Hollywood- If you sense a taste, color, odor, and staining of clothes and or fixtures show possible signs of water quality issues within your home or business. This can help answer your concerns of your water quality within three business days from appointment date.

Volatile Organic Compounds in Hollywood- Volatile organic compounds are found everywhere around us. Some areas can be wall coverings, interior paintings, varnishes, air fresheners, sprays, solvents, new furnishings, and new furniture. When exposed to small amounts of VOCs, they are not harmful until you are exposed to them for a long period of time.

Allergen testing services in Hollywood- Indoor allergens can cause mild to severe allergic reactions to you, your loved, or employees. Common cleaning supplies, carpeting, paints, dust mites, and rodents can cause allergic reactions where you can choose between distinctive allergen testing options we have available.

Formaldehyde testing services in Hollywood- If you just have updated your kitchen or bathroom cabinets, added laminate or pressed wood floors, new carpet throughout the home, or foam insulation in your attic are all common sources of formaldehyde. If you have done one of the updates mentioned above, you can test if there are elevated levels on formaldehyde in your home.


Why Should You Choose Florida Inspections Unlimited?

Our environmental inspectors and testers are driven by a passion to provide the best services possible and a commitment to exceeding the customer’s expectations.  Our integrity and professionalism are second to none.  Our technology enables us to provide you with the most accurate information so you can make a well-informed decision when buying or selling a property.  Most importantly, every one of the Florida Inspections Unlimited team is committed to the needs of the customer. We go that extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

We are here for your assistance. For additional information, call us today at 305-910-1171 for Miami-Dade properties or 954-861-0666 for Broward County properties.


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